Getty Has Figured Out A New Way To Screw Everyone

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Getty has figured out a new way to screw the good people that work so hard to make these images in the first place.  That’s bad for all of us and it will get worse unless people wake up and stop shooting for next to nothing, giving up their copyrights, and continuing this travesty of common sense.

Our collective dignity as shooters is not only under fire but we are losing the war as well as the battles.

via What is Getty Thinking? Metrics More Valuable than Photos! | Patrick Murphy-Racey Photography Blog.

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  1. Bobbi Wendt

    I’m sick of all of you standing around acting like you can’t do anything about this stuff…You accept the terms, and you accept the bullshit. If you showed these terms to clients, and/or marketing partners and asked them to agree to what they ask you to agree to, they would think you were crazy, and you know what? You are freakin’ crazy to agree to this shit. Use your head and grow a freakin spine! Quit acting like a bunch of loser chumps. This doesn’t happen without your permission.

  2. “Our collective dignity as shooters is not only under fire but we are losing the war as well as the battles.”

    Stop calling yourselves “shooters.”

  3. John McD.

    Bobbi is absolutely spot on. Getty isn’t in business to take care of photographers. People who agreed to Getty’s terms have only themselves to blame. They get away with outrageous business practices because you allow them to do so. Meanwhile, they continue to go about doing anything and everything to gain market share, including making a deal to replace thirty staff photographers at Australia’s leading newspaper:

  4. Ok let’s be clear because all that have responded already are white men…. it is not “wishful thinking” that photographers take a stand against Getty, it’s that many of us are too selfish and greedy, and in actually just like Getty Images, to even have the political will to do anything… we continue to see white men dominate the industry and literally shut down opportunities for others simply through their opinions of “wishful thinking”, instead of taking up the leadership that is needed…. not once have I seen anyone speak on this issue in terms of lobbying other photographers to do anything, not once have I seen any one rally tons of photographer to approach PPA or other photography agencies that rep many people to ask for their legal support to seek action against Getty Images. Not once have I seen people actually do anything except write blogs about impossibility…

    What are you really trying to accomplish here, and are you really wanting to get anything changed or are you just pissed off at the moment

    • John McD.

      Dear Channing,
      I can assure you that Bobbi Wendt, who commented so eloquently here, isn’t a “white man”. You are making a pretty outrageous-and, let’s be honest, silly- statement about race and gender here that distracts from the validity of your point, that people talk a lot but don’t actually take much concrete action. The single most effective action any individual photographer can take remains this: just say no to outrageous terms like the ones which Getty offers to its contributors.

  5. In every disaster there remains opportunities. So when things get tough like this, scratch you head a bit harder and look for those opportunities instead of whining. Yes, Getty stinks, so go looking for those new opps and prosper.

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