“The biggest problem facing curators and historians of photography,” Mr. Bajac said, “is the overflow of images.”

— Quentin Bajac, the Museum of Modern Art’s new chief curator of photography

via NYTimes.com.

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  1. And (other than whining about it) do they have anything better to do than deal with this ‘problem’ – I mean, that is their job, isn’t it?

  2. photographers have the exact same problem. ;)

  3. His mention of the Art Institute of Chicago reminded me that I recently saw there (in the “old” wing), for the very first time as far as I know, a photograph mixed in with the paintings in their regular galleries. They still of course have a great photography gallery–down in the basement by the restrooms (it’s very nice though, with fantastic exhibits). Plus they have a new modern wing. But even in the modern wing I don’t think they mix the photos with the other types of art.

    It struck me as a big change, but I don’t know what other museums are doing in that regard.

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