Support: Shouldn’t It Be A Two-Way Street?

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If you’ve had a photo project on indie-go-go, or, or Kickstarter asking for money, I wonder: have you contributed to other photographer’s projects? If you’ve got a book-signing coming up, or have published a book, did you buy someone else’s book, or go to their signing, or for that matter, their gallery opening?

As much as I can say there is a photography community in New York, I find myself questioning how much of it is self-interest and how much of it is reciprocal.

via Stella Kramer.

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  1. This is a very thoughtful post. Admittedly and a bit shamefully I’ve leaned a bit to much toward self-interest. Thanks Stella for bringing it to my attention.

  2. Absolutely it is ” a two way street” so to speak. Not only must one support all artists in all mediums,not only in the field of photography,but do so in a selfless manner. The quid pro quo attitude is an isolating,self serving act. Of course our fellow artists we know personally deserve our support,be it through attendance,purchase,contribution. And, artists we have times and means to support,as well deserve our bodies and minds at their exhibitions,book premieres. A ” thumbs up” is nice,but an empty gallery,or premiere party is horrible.( and,respectfully,all artists deserve an honest & non- patronizing critique if so requested. Of course,this is another topic of discussion for another day) E.P.

  3. Apparently in the indie filmmaking community it’s expected that you support other projects, or you’re seen as a moocher. A friend who ran a couple Kickstarters to fund her doc actually put in her budget the support she was expected to give to other projects.

  4. Mutual support amongst friends and all that is good but at the end of the day you should support projects you believe in, buy books you want to own, etc etc. If I had a book out I wouldn’t want anyone to buy it just because they feel obligated to do so.

  5. I support my local photographers. I take their workshops, hire them for projects I need for myself and buy their e-books. What goes around comes around.

  6. I support photographers whose projects interest me. Marc Wilson’s project called “The Last Stand” was originally on Indiegogo and I supported it to the level that I received a print. The next phase in his project is now on Empahsis. I plan to support it at a higher level.

    I recently published a book with a University Press and shouldered all the costs – shoot, expenses, printing and publicity. It never occurred to me to ask people to help me fund a personal project.

    I have a large photo book collection and many of them are signed by the artist.