My whole philosophy on hiring people is: I need to meet you. I need to know what type of person you are (even if it is just for 5 minutes). I may already know what you shoot and your work, but as soon as I meet you/we make a connection, you get added to my consideration list. Β Some photographers I’ve met share recent projects with me and others just check in with me every once in awhile. Either way, I know that person is going to follow through on a lot of things and that is important to me when I hire a photographer.

via Sasha Carillo, Creative Planner and Art Producer at Davis Elen advertising in Los Angeles.

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  1. This is only to screen us…you won’t make a “personal connection”, and you may have kicked a really good person out the door because you think you didn’t “connect”! this is discrimination; I LIVE BEHIND THE CAMERA, and not in front of it. Your concern should be:
    1. My work eithic
    2. The quality of my work

    Everything else is none of your business. You need the work done, I get the work done. I am looking for work when I call you, and not for friends.

  2. I have been discriminated against more times than I can count without even getting to show my portfolio! Some hung up on me because I have a European accent. I don’t cold call because of that. This is BS. You guys are looking for “whatever quality” as long as the photographer looks like a model, and is 6+ feet tall and handsome! or has a British accent which is the ONLY acceptable accent!

    • Yup. That must be it.

  3. PhotoProIP — why are you writing this?

    suck it up man, commercial photography is marketing, not art. plus with today’s cameras , post and “cinematic” chic (otherwise known as no light readings combined with camera blur) pretty much everything looks just fine. in your case i’d be hitting portfolio reviews and making a list of other editors from your land.

  4. Oh wait, now I’ve read the full articles referenced on this site — what wonderful advice, why not just try what she said?

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