Stacy L. Pearsall’s Photos From Iraq

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they questioned why she did not report her problems sooner. But she knew that if she had reported them, should would lose the job she loved so much. “The military had trained me this way — to suck it up,” she said.

“The one thing about PTSD is it’s the war that never ends” she said. “Suicide might seem like a viable option. It’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem.”


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  1. You do learn to suck it up. You do things which are unacceptable in the civilian world. You don’t burden others with problems unless you have reached your breaking point. I could see it in the few photos at the “Lens”.

    I have to commend Stacy to hanging in and helping fellow warriors. Help for those who are suffering from the affects of war will only get it from within the fraternity.