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We’re launching a new list today based off our popular Agent List: which has nearly 700 agents worldwide categorized by location and genre. This time we’re going for a smaller segment of the industry: Architectural Photographers. And we’re hoping anyone who shoots architecture and/or interiors will go here: and sign up so we don’t have to put all the listings in by ourselves (any who specialize in renderings too). Brittain Stone is managing the list again and will look at each submission to verify that you do have a gallery on your website dedicated to architectural photography. He will also add the genre tags based on his assessment of the style you shoot.

Once we have a healthy list we’re going to market it to the architect clients who’ve become a part of my website business. They’ve expressed interest in more resources for finding photographers and we figured we could provide that service with a nice curated list and expert advice. If you have any questions send Brittain an email (under the help section of the site). Should be beneficial for everyone.

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  1. Most of my architectural work is HDR. I have several subsets of architectural work on my web page. I just finished a project shooting the only Frank Lloyd Wright house in Rochester… The Boynton House. There is a sample of these images on my web page.

    • HDR always looks like crap – a one-trick pony. It’ll be good when more people realize how to use it well.

  2. Hi Rob and Brittain~
    What a great resource this will be for me and the work I do at Taunton Press.
    It would be so great to see a Food Photographer list too!
    Keep up the great work – we appreciate it!

  3. Great idea, I’m looking forward to being added. I’m having some issues uploading an image as well, may I email it in? Thanks.-Adan

    • LUMIS , you will need to email your image to the “help” on the site. 150px wide

      Overall —

      • We really need the page to “load more” photographers after the bottom of the page has been reached (similar to an agent list).

      • The genres are pretty well categorized but there should be even more. Websites of architectural firms list specialties such as: government, university, healthcare, municipal, office, K-12, residential, recreation centers.

  4. Wonderful idea, thanks APF.
    For those of us whose first names begin with a letter after “D”, I’d like to see the home page be able to scroll down to see all listings, rather than stopping suddenly after the 28th alphabetical listing.
    Keep up your great work!

  5. Great site! Thanks Brittain and Rob!

    I noticed the website does not populate like the Agent List when you scroll down. It makes it seem like the list is really small.

    Thank you!