Thursday: 2.28.13

Design Director: Arem Duplessis
Director of Photography: Kathy Ryan
Art Director: Gail Bichler
Deputy Art Director: Caleb Bennett
Deputy Photo Editor: Joanna Milter
Photo Editors: Stacey Baker, Clinton Cargill, Amy Kellner
Designers: Sara Cwynar, Raul Aquila,Β Drea Zlanabitni

Photographer: Grant Cornett

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  1. Love this page and updates even better to see some still life.

  2. This is great…. Really love the colors. I want to read the article now as well!

  3. I love this guy…

  4. I had cheese puff (okay, a few) the other day for the first time in years. It was marvelously constructed just like the article states.
    Great images.

  5. Just saw this article in my feed on FB… the spread is much better when looking at it from afar like this. Has a 60’s vibe almost

  6. This spread reminds me of Stephen Shore’s milk carton and Eggleston’s Freezer photo.

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