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Marie Claire: Ilan Rubin

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Thursday: 2.7.13

Design Director: Kristin Fitzpatrick
Photography Director: Caroline Smith
Associate Art Director: Shannon Casey
Photo Editor: Ashley Macknica

Photographer: Ilan Rubin

Heidi Volpe

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  1. My un-reflective, knee-jerk reaction to the pictures is that they are exactly what editorial images should look like in the digital era. Film is connected to (or caused) by it’s object, but digital is not. Therefore, I don’t believe that digital should carry any pretense to literal depiction whatsoever. Effective digital imagery should be obvious fantasy. Ilan Rubin did a great job IMHO

  2. Eydis Einarsdottir

    These are images that speak to me, they pop of the pages, and leave me wanting more…. As always, beautiful work Ilan!