…we take the same view regarding freelancers speccing in material. Even if they have returned home safely. This is because it could be seen as encouragement go out and take unnecessary risks in the future. The situation out there is incredibly risky. And we do not want to see any more bloodshed. There has been far too much already.

via dvafoto.

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  1. I thought this sounded like a very odd policy from a national newspaper, and thought there must be something more to it than concern for the photographer/s welfare….

    I then spotted this quote from Warren Allott at the Telegraph:

    “I heard a rumour that a freelance who’d submitted copy to another broadsheet and, then got kidnapped, claimed to be working for them. This caused the paper enormous problems and now they are steering clear of freelance copy.”

    Makes more sense – sounds like The Sunday Times is just covering their butt – not really anything to do with concern for the photographer/s….

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