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Marie Claire: Jean Francois Campos

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Friday: 1-25-13

Design Director: Kristin Fitzpatrick
Photography Director: Caroline Smith
Associate Art Director: Shannon Casey
Photo Editor: Ashley Macknica

Photographer: Jean Francois Campos

Heidi Volpe

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  1. Beautiful! Can’t say I always get what you see in some of your picks but that’s art. Right?

    I am sure that this is the result of lots of talented people working together and that the hair and makeup artist should get a lot of credit also.

  2. An interesting photographer I haven’t heard of before. Lots of very diverse work on his website, which is always interesting and refreshing to see from someone with such polished commercial work too.

  3. Shouldn’t these “Daily Edit” posts also have credits for the model(s)? I mean, I know they’re just pretty faces with no discernible skill but still..

    • Cora Keegan – Next Models (Maybe you were too busy looking at the photos to notice the credits) But, that’s the point of them being posted here, on a photo editor blog vs a fan blog of models.

      Anyway, nicely executed old idea. Really like the color palette.