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  1. Not to sound flippant or disrespectful, but is there anything unique or thought-provoking about this photo set? Or is that not the point of this feature? Is it simply a friendly endorsement of the photographer? What am I missing?

    • I don’t think that unique or thought provoking was ever the point. Just finding decent images to publish can be difficult.

    • I agree with APE…. Not spectacular, but a well presented and collaborative effort by a photographer, an art director and an editor. Nice work.

      • Point taken. Again, nothing but respect for APhotoEditor, and everything that Rob is doing, as well as the photographer, art director, and editor.
        Just that this spread struck me as sort of “common”, and it seems to me that for a spread to be featured in “The Daily Edit” there would be something maybe “uncommon”, such as the photography, layout, or typography. Just my opinion, perhaps missing the point, or perhaps a bit jaded. And I would disagree with Rob’s comment that “Just finding decent images to publish can be difficult.”

        • How about the hand drawn title page and juxtaposition to the opening image? That got my attention. I find the layout and presentation refreshing among the many overwrought entries we see here and elsewhere by the likes of LaChapelle and Leibovitz. It shows that in photography today, a light hand and clean approach can STILL carry the day… as I believe this editorial spread is doing. So agreed: we have two views of the same assignment.

  2. good work, just enough & so much

  3. I don’t know why anyone’s complaining. I was going to leave a comment but decided not to. Kind of ambivalent today. But if I did leave a comment I might have written how I liked the opening spread because even though the typesetter had the flu, the show had to go on. I might have expressed a preference for a tighter crop of the opening photo or loosing the dog collar — if that’s what it is. When I see extraordinary work I feel elated and deflated, and when I see what some label average work I feel deflated and elated. Of course this only happens when I’m leaning egocentric, which is like everyday.

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