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Glamour: Patrick Demarchelier

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Thursday: 1-3-13

Design Director: Geraldine Hessler
Photo Director: Suzanne Donaldson
Art Director: Sarah Vinas
Deputy Editor, Photo Visuals: Julie Stone
Senior Photo Editor: Martha Maristany
Photo Editor: Brian Marcus
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier

Heidi Volpe

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  1. Woah, is that an average (american) sized woman in spread 2?
    Did not expect that.

    Kudos to the editor.

  2. Those reflections or whatever effect was used on the backgrounds is awesome. Nice work, art department!

    • Not the art department — Patrick used two theatrical focusable zoom spotlights (probably the 1000w variety) with included metal sliders to make the rectangular shapes. Both lights slightly left of camera and a foot higher than models on weighted C-stands. My guess is one light had a color gel the same color as background. A point source light (such as the sun) will yield a sharp shadow, and saturated colors — and a focusable light with a halogen bulb is about as point source as you can get. 100 ISO f/16. Color temp is probably 3,200K. What is degree’s K? — the color of the light when a cavity in a piece of platinum is heated to a specific temperature — the higher the temperature the bluer the light — just like a flame. Why I remember this stuff, I have no idea… when almost everything else I fail to retain.

  3. I’m a big fan of Patrick Demarchelier’s black and white fashion photography because it’s so very clean and elegant. While I love the lighting used here, the background colors are rather garish. There is a lot to be said for backgrounds that remain in the…background…