When I worked as a Photo Editor I kept a list of agents on a piece of paper along with several pages of photographers I had worked with or wanted to work with. When it came time to find photographers to go with stories that were assigned I would sit at the computer and google everyone I thought might be a good match.

When I started this blog I published my agent list here. It became one of the most popular posts, because people found a curated list of agents useful and you could simply click the links instead of googling. Now, 5 years later it’s time for a new list.

I enlisted the help of Brittain Stone a former colleague at Wenner Media and former DOP at US Weekly. We wanted to make a comprehensive list of agents world wide that was searchable by location and genre of photography. I should have expected that Brittain would scour the earth looking for agents, but I was shocked when he came up with 630 of them. Then he went through and tagged all the entries by location and genre of photography. A ton of work, but now we have something very useful.

We included a few other features like the ability for agents to claim their listing and make adjustments or create a new listing we can approve. Also, if an agent represents stylists, hair and other talent we listed those as well. Another feature I’m really excited about is the links to twitter, facebook and a blog on each listing. Personally, I think this is the best way to keep up with someone you’re interested in working with.

Ok, that’s it for now. There will be more to come if people find it as useful. Questions can be directed at Brittain (brittain@theagentlist.com). You can check out the new list here:

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  1. This is terrific.
    I will certainly be exploring this tonight, finding contacts.

  2. Wonderful. Been on the search for a rep recently and this will help. Thanks!

  3. This is amazing. Thank you Rob and Brittain!

  4. Wow… there are lot of reps out there.

    One suggestion… A lot of the reps are listed in cities where they aren’t really located. For example, there are a lot in “San Francisco” who don’t have any office or employee anywhere near the area. I think your tagging should be a bit more strict in that sense. Otherwise every rep could pretty much list that they’re in every major city.

    • ideally we get the listings so a rep who has a photographer in that city is listed. not just their physical location or a location where they want to work. it’s meant to provide a local photographer so you can save money on travel.

      • Oh yeah… those pesky people who would actually be using it to hire people and not just promote themselves.

  5. Very nice. Have you ever thought of doing the list as an app?

    • We will absolutely be factoring that as we add new features. Meanwhile it looks pretty great on an iPhone!

  6. You should be getting a commission for all of this! Awesome. Thank you so much.

  7. Great website format too Rob and Brittain! Seems very intuitive!

  8. It’s a breat project, however, I can not get my password. Nothing in junk mail, tried resending twice. :(

  9. This. Changes. EVERYTHING.

  10. Beautiful, thank you so much!

  11. Awesome resource.
    Many thanks, Rob and Brittain!

  12. Thank you both, this is an amazing resource!

  13. yes, Rob/Brittain, a tour de force of the wildly comprehensive list ! I had a ‘similar’ version, quite less sophisticated, cross-ref’d with photographer names/specialities, by states and cities within. Can’t imagine where anyone could begin without a list, but yours is the finest I can imagine.

  14. Thank you Rob. We really appreciate the list. Thank you for all you do for photographers!

  15. Rob & Brittain, this is great! Thanks for compiling such a useful list of agents!

  16. Thanks for this list! Very helpful..!!

  17. Hey – great job!
    I’m just missing our agency – Mink MGMT. – representing fashion- and still life photographers, as well as a Creative Director duo and some prop makers.
    Would love to see Mink MGMT. on here!
    Thanks for this,

    • we will get you up there today. You can also create your own listing…

  18. Hi there Brittain,
    Love this listing! Thanks for making connecting a little easier. Would love for my agency to be listed too- Dirty Artist Management.
    Agency represents photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists and stylists, illustrators.
    Thanks again:)

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