I don’t think it would hurt to take a bit more pleasure out of things along the way

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Rather than waste another hour mindlessly surfing Twitter before bed, the other night I finally watched Laruen Greenfield’s documentary Queen of Versailles. The film was more profound, and gave more insight into contemporary America, than a year’s worth of tweets.

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  1. c.d.embrey

    I was never into twitter, but I’ve cut-down on my web intake. I used to check this site everymorning, now just a couple of times a week. Others, I’ve stopped reading altogether.

    Is this the start of Web 3.0, AKA getting a real life again??

  2. Funny thing that you mention getting a real life again c.d.; I am hoping to change my life too and work a bit more this year. I found that last year was -2.0 for the time spent on the web. I am shooting for 4.2 version.

    I’ll have to give the doc a spin, I scrolled past it a few times.

    • I do still read APE daily, I just don’t stop by and comment as frequently as I used to. I think Rob and his crew do a superb job.