I Just Don’t Understand Why You Cannot Ask Permission

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I have really enjoyed using Instagram (although the recent upgrade deleted my favorite filter). I understand it is free and you must make money. I am actually fine with you using some of my images to make money. It is a fair trade. I just don’t understand why you cannot ask permission and do it all above board.

— George Lange


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  1. Exactly. However, this kind of thing is done all of the time by all sorts of companies. They hide revenue generating terms of use among the boilerplate legalese. On the other hand, this is usually a matter of ancillary fees, not fundamental terms of doing business.

  2. Donnor Party

    I wonder if there has ever been a case of someone’s FB or Instagram Pic being used commercially? I’ve never heard of it. I’m not saying it doesn’t or hasn’t happened, just that ther eis a hue and cry over these rights grabs but I’ve never heard about an actual violation.

    • I’m sure it’s happened by small businesses… I have seen images of mine actually appear on yelp because said restaurant or bar was prominent or it was shot in it… I don’t sweat that kind of little stuff though.

      I’ve heard of at least one case where images were taken off flickr by an actual agency for Virgin mobile I think it was. Costly lawsuits ensued.

  3. The theory is by agreeing to the tos you are granting permission, however what I don’t understand is why Instagram does not use an attribution system like that of Wikipedia. Any image used within the “network” could have a discrete

  4. Oops, I tapped the submit button mid-blather.

    Any image should have a discrete link that lists all other use of that image. It could even list time stamps of when posts connecting to the image are created.