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    • In seeking an answer to your question, perhaps you might start with the fact that one has no relationship whatsoever to the other…? There’s no point in trying to compare bananas to broccoli (i.e., pure humor to earnestness).

  1. Brilliant. Sarcasm that hits two birds with one stone.

    • True, deservedly so I guess. Didn’t see that wrench coming………..

  2. Great – really enjoyed it

  3. Genius, using Nickelback to sing about phony art…!

  4. And of course there’s this:
    @thexavius: Portrait of an Instagram Artist

  5. Am I really postponing joy by insisting on using a dumb phone?

  6. Brilliant, about time the curtain gets thrown of the dross that’s out there.

  7. Absolutely hysterical! At least non photographers are starting to poke fun at the abundance of marginal stuff getting filtered and posted.

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