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Creative Director: Alex Gonzales
Design Director: Anton Ioukhnovets
Art Director: Anna C. Davidson-Evans
Photography Director: Caroline Wolff
Photo Editor: Jacqeline Bates

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Michael Thompson

Emma Summerton

Nick Knight



Juergen Teller

Paolo Roversi

Mario Sorrenti

Deborah Turberville


Stephen Klein


Solve Sundsbo

Alex Prager

Patrick Demarchelier



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  1. Cool photos. My fave photo is the one by Patrick Demarchelier. Tres bon, n’est pas? First time I’ve read the word vernissage. The only French I learned in high school was la plume de ma taunte :)

    Definition of VERNISSAGE: a private showing or preview of an art exhibition
    Origin of VERNISSAGE: French, day before an exhibition opens reserved for artists to varnish and put finishing touches to their paintings, literally, varnishing, from vernis varnish

  2. Way back in 2002, the Design Museum in London mounted a similar exhibition titled, “Unseen Vogue” which featured out-takes from such as Guy Boudin, Cecil Beaton ,David Bailey,etc. Wonderful stuff.

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