Continuing the Conversation with NYC Art Producers. Part II

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When it comes down to executing a print campaign, it comes down to cost. Everyone comes to me and asks how we can do it really cheap. I just got a request to do a BMW campaign for 14 shots in 14 locations for $50,000. My boss said ‘we can do that’ and I said there’s no way we can do it unless I’m shooting it.

“We had a shoot with a difficult cost consultant a few years ago and I said I would cut the budget if they came on the shoot so they could be there for the cut catering and all the stuff the client would be upset about and they would have to be there to justify it and they backed down.”

…there were not a lot of great print producers. So we started a list so we didn’t all get burned. It was that bad. I’ve been burned twice and had other people who’ve been burned. They weren’t thorough, not detailed oriented. So yes, we do request producers because there are so many bad ones.

via Heather Elder Represents Blog.

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  1. Reminds me of a shoot I was negotiating earlier this year where the client wanted to cut catering. It was a 14 hour day on set and they apparently expected the entire cast and crew to brown bag their own breakfast lunch and dinner. I pulled out at that point.

  2. scott Rex Ely

    The link to this conversation is priceless.
    Jamie Applebaum’s comments are inspiring and SO positive.
    Rob and especially Heather, thanks for sharing.