The Visual Conservancy’s first annual Sunset Competition

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“We realized that there was a viable niche that was not being filled.  We did some informal research and concluded that it was possible to launch a contest for very little investment, charge a fee and then see if you get enough participation to make it worthwhile.  We will, of course, have all works judged by a panel.”

“The glory is, the photographers who win our various categories will have to pay for their own shipping, framing and a special fees relating to their show.  We haven’t decided where we’re going to have a show, but it could be New York—or Hudson.  We have a pretty nice community center.”

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  1. oh, the small print gets even better:

    The entry fee is just *** $35.

    *** Entries made with a Leica add a 100% surcharge.

  2. So basically, they realized the huge amounts of money photographers were spending to make their exotic sunset pictures, and figured they would insert themselves into the flow of money to get a little of it for themselves. Certainly not bad thinking, business-wise. If someone’s willing to spend thousands to go get a sunset with windmills pictures, what’s another $35 (especially when Canon charges that for a little plastic lens hood).