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Whole Living

Design Director: Matthew Axe
Art Director: Jamie Prokell
Associate Art Directors: Alexandra Drozda, Erin Wengrovius
Senior Associate Photo Editor: Erika Pruess

Photographer: Rodney Smith

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Heidi Volpe

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  1. As lovely as that image is, it is an absolute rip-off of a photograph already. The original image is of a female in a dress and doing the same exact thing on a hay pile.

    That image circulated in scrapbook magazines, online blogs, and the like approximately 5 or more years ago. it was an image that a hobby photographer in the scrapbook world, who also worked in scrapbook company did herself as a self-portrait.

    Its a shame that that image had to be blatantly redone for whole living, and worst, mostly paying a person to redo that image, or say it was their own “concept”.

    Pay attention photo editor. Something like a plagiarism in imagery should be noted as a huge “no-no”. Afterall, doesn’t most schools recognize that?

    • i don’t pay attention to or care if photographers rip off other works. it’s so common it’s laughable you would scold me about it. you must not work as a photographer?

    • Joan,

      Rodney Smith is an accomplished and widely published photographer. He shot “Don jumping over a hay bale” around 15 years ago.

      He has obviously revisited HIS shot for Whole Living as according to him, “it is one of the most popular images that I have shot”.

      Are you sure that the hobby photographer didn’t re-create Mr. Smiths image, 10 years after he created it?