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V Man

Editor-in-Chief / Creative Director: Stephen Gan
Photo Editor: Evelien Joos
Consulting Creative / Design Direction: Greg Foley
Art Director: Sandra Kang
Associate Art Director: Cian Browne

Photographer: Mario Testino

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Heidi Volpe

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  1. I think the ringflash looks great and adds a bit of retro-ness to it. And it was Clifford Coffin who pioneered the use of ringflash in fashion, so everyone else using it is copying him.

  2. I’m always happy to see Mario Testino’s work — he’s great. This is one of those shoots that would be fun to hear audio from. Making a football player look like a fashion model takes skill. There’s a lot of humor in these photos. I checked out the shots on the V Man website and they’re very different — the magazine is more gritty, contrasty and bluer, which I prefer. I bet Tom’s teammates busted his chops over this. Gisele Bundchen probably told Tom he has to pick up the modeling slack while she’s preggers. :)

  3. Peter Yang

    These photos are freaking brilliant! It’s not the lighting and it’s not the Doberman. Show me one portrait of Brady where he’s showing an ounce of emotion. Brady is in the school of Jordan and especially Jeter. They’re transcendent athletes who are great on the field and BORING in real life. They go out of their way to not rock the boat. These images of Brady are full of emotion and they’re funny and they’re powerful.

    That is what’s SO overlooked in critiques of these photos. Anyone can say they would have done this or that different, lit it better, used a different background. Trying talking to their publicists, bargain with their machines. It’s harder than it looks, from top photographer on down. Maybe less for legend like Testino, but everyone has to go through it.

    PS:, I would have added a pit bull and a king cobra..

  4. I have almost no taboos with photography but I utterly despise exploiting dogs as aggressive killers. The only thing that would have made this less tasteful is if it was Michael Vick, but that would actually take some balls.