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Creative Director: Brandon Kavulla
Design Director: Leo Jung
Director of Photography: Zana Woods
Art Directors: Alice Cho, Bradley R. Hughes
Senior Photo Editor: Carrie Levy

Photographer: Gregg Segal

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Heidi Volpe

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  1. I expect I’ll churn up a little controversy in asking the question I am about to ask, but how many people does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    I often look at photos like these (whether here on The Daily Edit, or elsewhere online and in print), and ask myself: does it really take a Creative Director, a Design Director, a Director of Photography, two Art Directors, a Senior Photo Editor, and a Photographer (who no doubt employs at least one Photo Assistant, at least one Stylist – if not a few [wardrobe, props, hair], and a MUA, who may or may not have Assistants of their own) to create relatively straightforward pictures?

    To be clear, I am not passing judgment on the photos themselves; I think they’re fine, and the concept is clever. I’m merely wondering if creating them really requires such a large team of creative people [I can’t stand the term “creatives”] — in addition to the photographer himself, not to mention his own team. From where I’m sitting it kinda seems like overkill…

    I look forward to the ensuing debate.

    • it takes a team to design a magazine. that’s why you are looking at a spread from a magazine.

      but to answer your question about hair and wardrobe being a part of a picture I will say this. just because you can’t see the difference doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. some people can see these details others cannot.

    • Frank,

      A good hair stylist and a good make-up artist are very important for a successful shoot. You may not always see their input in simpler set-ups, but you would definitely see it if you would not have good stylists. Every photographer had to deal with that problem at least once and has a great appreciation for good stylists (an appreciation that is to be extended to wardrobe, props, and set design). They absolutely deserve their credits. Especially on fashion shoots their input is key to a successful project.

  2. This was a good article with several points of view. I love Wired articles in general for their balanced writing. The photos with the Steve Jobs story supported the words nicely and gave a good lead in to the main point of the article. I give it two thumbs up! Well done.

  3. Looks like a display window at Old Navy. :) Just kidding. Love the typography “am i” and the “S” — I like the S in the blue. The spread communicates the story in under 1 second — no mean feat.