Shepard Fairey Sentenced on Criminal Charge in ‘Hope” Poster Case

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Artist Shepard Fairey was sentenced to 300 hours of community service and fined $25,000 today in a federal courtroom in Manhattan today for destroying documents, falsifying evidence “and other misconduct” in his civil litigation two years ago against the Associated Press (AP). He had faced a maximum of six months in jail. Fairey pled guilty to the criminal charge last February.

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  1. I’m from Boston, and this city promotes him so much it’s sickening…I wen’t to his ICA debut a few years back to see really what all the fuss was about…After meeting him, seeing the work and how he talks to people…I have one thing to say…


    Anyone who hires police to stage of “illegal art making bust” is a douche bag. He’s an jerk off of a main stream commercial artist who designs over other work to make his own, then prosecutes other young artists who do it to his work, a big ol’, cry baby hypocrite…

    About time he gets nailed for something.

    • Donnor Party

      I saw that ICA show too. I’ll paraphrase Peter Schjeldahl’s review in the New Yorker: Warhol was art masquerading as Pop. Shep is Pop masquerading as art.

      The guy is sickening.