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Women’s Health

Design Director: Theresa Griggs
Photo Director: Sarah Rozen
Art Director: Susannah Haesche
Deputy Art Director: Kristen Male
Photo Editor: Andrea Verdone 

Photographer: Christopher Griffith

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Heidi Volpe

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    • Is today really 9.4.12? …i am not sure of ´12, you know i have been watching the RNC convention. But it´s in color….i am totally confused.

      • Ha .. This morning there was a mistake and the post was dated 8.4.12 .. but since then they have fixed it therefore making my comment sound incredibly strange and stupid ..

        • Well, here is a piece about women´s health and all you are worried about is the date is not right….that speaks for itself. By the way we can disagree without insulting each other.

  1. A rope uterus and an eagle with birth control pills — ya gotta love conceptual still life shots. Back in photography college the epitome of conceptual shots was a bagel with locks. Will these photos sway the hearts [sic] and [minds] of the Tea Party? I’m a frayed knot.