Your rep isn’t going to make you rich and famous, only you can do that.

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Often young photographers who have barely shot any commercial jobs at all tell me that they are just trying to get a good rep because they are lazy and dont like handling the whole promotion, portfolio showing, client dinner, marketing thing.

via Steve Giralt | Photography Jobs Grow on Trees.

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  1. A broad statement that sounds a bit like – “you didn’t build that.”

    Let’s face it – the Internet changed everything and has made it so much easier to create a client list or poach client lists from others, BUT nothing beats a great photo representative when it comes to better exposure, better marketing and better money. Besides – I have found that most art directors/photo editors hate when a creative boosts – “hire me, hire me, I’m good.” I have found that Word of Mouth, a Facebok Share or a face to face meeting by a photo rep is soooooooooo much more efficient and a better return on investment. My 20 years of direct and e-marketing experience.

  2. Selina Maitreya’s “How to succeed in commercial photography” as well as Leslie Burns Dell’Aqua’s “Tell the world you don’t suck” have very good insights and advice on this topic. After all a rep won’t work with you if you’re not already well known and busy because it’s simply not their interest. They are in it for making money, too, and that won’t happen with a lazy photographer, right?