The fine line between total stupidity and creative danger

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My only interest in photography right now centers on books, collector prints, and mentoring. If I can possibly afford it, I will take no assignments. I have done enough assignments. I will work harder than ever, yet only on my own projects. Even my assignments in years past always had my stamp on them. Personalized them as much as possible. Yet now is the time to go back to my roots and be 100% pure on everything I do.

– david alan harvey

via on the edge…. | burn magazine.

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  1. I hear what you are saying. After teaching college for over 30 yrs, and deciding that was not a fullfilling job any more, I have decided to do what I love to do, and start my own LLC selling my artwork to art collectors and buyers all around the globe. Takes a lot of courage to just invest in myself, and put myself out there,
    but it has been long overdue. I will not work for anyone again, but myself.
    I am the happiest I have been in years working on this new business.

  2. “Burn Magazine from now on will do essays in a different way. I am dropping our Submissions button. Our current submissions system no longer serves a purpose. It creates lots of wasted time.”

    I thought that was the most interesting part, along with how Burn plans to use an extremely curated process to select content. Anti-social media, anti-crowd sourcing to the max. Maybe (I hope) they’re onto something.

  3. I rejected my last assignment offer two years ago and since then I felt and feel more alive than ever, and it adds up to my creativity too.
    I do the same as you do: collect books, see others’ works, develop and work on projects. Even thought it might sound self-centered, I realized I’m contributing to my community much more now than before.