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Mark Seliger has a his own TV Show on YouTube called Capture (here). Looks very cool.

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  1. Except for the whole blowing smoke up Dylan McDermott’s ass because he’s a quasi-famous actor, (not because he’s truly a talented or capable photographer) component, this seems like it could be an interesting series . . .

  2. Oh man, these videos are fantastic. They should come with the following warning: If you click play you wont be able to turn away. Mark Seliger is the perfect host for this series, and the editing and production are all ideally suited. Even their voices sound like radio announcers. Wish I had a voice like that. :) Does it get earnest once in while? Sure, ain’t it grand? Platon of course is so well-spoken, and the first video is like a guided-tour inside his thought process. Very inspiring. Regarding Dylan McDermott — now I have to Google what his reference to his violent past involving guns means exactly.

  3. What a generous gift from Mark Seliger. Thank you Mark! I could listen to Albert Watson talk all day long(Platon, on the other hand…). Looking forward to more of these.

  4. Really liked the one with Albert Watson – one of my great inspirations when I started doing portrait & later beauty photography. He clearly loves photography – so great to listing to people like him!

    In my view Mark Seliger should replace people like Dylan McDermott with some young unknown up and coming photographer. With all due respect he does not belong at that level of photography.