They wanted somebody else for the job, the subject changed the date, the chosen photographer couldn’t do the new date, a better story has fallen through and they need something to fill the gap. It’s the urgent that’s brought about by a series of failures. Your role in it, if not handled carefully, could forever associate you with those failures, despite the fact that you were not even involved at the point that they took place. No matter how good a job you may do you will always be thought of as the person to call when the person they want is not available. Best to try and avoid those if you can.

via Chris Floyd: Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances..

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  1. There is always more than one choice of photographer when a client is looking to fill an assignment. This week I took a last minute assignment from a long time client that had hired someone else first. They use a wide range of photographers for a huge roster of projects. I am a known quantity to this client as I have shot many successful assignments for them over the years. The job went well and I am now acquainted with a new editor who is currently assigning me more work. Often a last minute change can be an opportunity for you.
    I have developed a rep for my work and I get hired because of it.
    I can’t speak to other photographer’s marketing efforts or how a perspective
    client knows you or your work but if you feel you are getting seconds don’t blame the job.

    • Well, the simple fact is that sometimes you are actually getting seconds. If you’re at a point in your career where you can afford to pass up some assignments then it makes sense to say no when the circumstances aren’t to your advantage.

  2. You should always say no if the circumstances aren’t right.

  3. I couldn’t disagree more with your statement “you will always be thought of as the person to call when the person they want is not available”.

    This is a time to SHINE. Politely mention how you love challenging situations and do a stellar job.

    I just took a job on Friday that needed to be shot on Monday. I went in and did a great job and the client has already hired me for another shoot in NY in November. All of this was/is at my full rate which was higher than the other photographer.


  4. Pure virgin photo assignments?
    Hope you got a trust fund to cover the rejected sloppy seconds down time.
    How can one person honestly say what is of value to another?

  5. If you Pasteurize your photo mojo how can a windfall opportunity be perceived as negative?

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