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New York Times Magazine

Design Director: Arem Duplessis
Director of Photography: Kathy Ryan
Art Director: Gail Bichler
Deputy Photo Editor: Joanna Milter
Photo Editors: Stacey Baker, Clinton Cargill, Amy Kellner, Luise Stauss
Designers: Sara Cwynar, Hilary Greenbaum, Drea Zlanabitnig

Photographer: Richard Barnes

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  1. Well done, Mr. Barnes & NYT Mag. These are awesome!

  2. Yeah, saw these when they came out, very impressive. Kudos to all involved.

  3. That would have be so awesome to root around in the tunnel. I imagine there we many more great photographs made.

  4. Photos like this are great to see really big – there are so many interesting details hidden away in them if you spend the time searching – really impressive – and the lighting must have been challenging!

  5. Pretty cool & unique assignment & very well done. They have kind of a sureal feeling.
    Would love to see them in a larger size to come closer o all the details.
    Thanks for sharing!

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