Albert Watson Documentary

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thx, Miller.

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  1. I love Albert Watson’s work.

    With the documentaries, it’s always a difficult thing, as the actual working process is never depicted. So you end up with a lot of talking heads and pictures that are only shown for a second.

    I always take videos like this as an occasion to dig deeper into a photographer’s work.

  2. David Takagi

    Would love to be the fly on the wall. I do sometimes go to Nieman Marcus just to photograph some flowers in vases.

  3. Thanks Rob for featuring, that was a great project to work on. At some point I need release an extended version of the full Alberts Watson’s interview, it was the most amazing hour to film. He has a lifetime of photography knowledge and stories.

  4. john mcd.

    His lack of ego is refreshing. Always great to hear an interview with Albert-there’s never any pretense, just straight talk from a master and a gentleman.

  5. Kudos to an amazing client for putting together a talented group of people and allowing them to do their job. Albert is truly gifted and I’ve followed him for a long time. Thank you for sharing the video.

    • c.d.embrey

      The softbox makes your work look like that of every other mediocre photographer. Meh! Try thinking without the box.

  6. marco patino

    Superb, inspiring and stimulating, bravo to all involved. Thanks for sharing this Rob!

  7. Absolutely brilliant. And a lesson in how to do behind the scenes in a way that enhances your experience and the quality of the shoot.

    Great team, great teamwork, great photographer.

    Thanks Rob.

  8. This video is like a punch in the gut to any photographer — in an inspiring way. I watched it last night and was going to leave a comment, but everything I wrote sounded trite (still does). Watson’s work is so accomplished it changes one’s taste buds. Kudos to the film maker too. Loved the titles and credits.