What was the most helpful part of your ‘education’ that wasn’t photo related?

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‘Marketing. Photography – Marketing = Fail.

’How do you define ‘success’ in your own career?
‘It is complicated. Each achievement is a stepping stone to the next level of possibilities. There isn’t really a final goal to reach. So true success is never reached. We just keep working.’

via Adam Voorhes | I Love Texas Photo.

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  1. Driving a cab for ten years. Photography – people skills = fail. If there’s any part of ‘marketing’ that’s not common sense then it probably ain’t worth shit. So shoot me down…..

  2. Selling newspaper subscriptions door-to-door as a young teenager. It helped develop my chutzpah – I would not stop talking until they closed the door in my face. Often times, they’d just laugh and buy a subscription just to get me to shut up.

    • Hustling can mean sales for the seller but a bitter experience for the buyer.
      Of course, I wish I could hustle even somewhat…

  3. Photography, minus understanding what you’re looking at = fail. An education in architecture is my secret weapon. In school we didn’t necessarily learn how to make buildings and environments… but how to look at them, and understand them. But everyone has their own strength….