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Marie Claire

Creative Director: Suzanne Sykes
Design Director: Kristin Fitzpatrick
Photography Director: Caroline Smith
Associate Art Director: Shannon Casey
Photo Editor: Lucy Fox

Photographer: Julian Broad

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Heidi Volpe

There Are 2 Comments On This Article.

  1. Interesting layout, not sure about the make up though. I like the emphasis on the eyebrows but some of the models expressions just leave me wondering what they were thinking. The spread starts out okay but once I reach the photo with the flash balm finger swipes on her check, it makes her look like a lizard. Her mouth open just a bit, a focused expression like she is going to gobble up some insect in a moment.

    It just doesn’t meld with the article being about a new spa in the desert. Having living in the Sonoran and Mojave deserts just over a decade of my life the series just doesn’t complete sell me because they don’t fit even with the edgy ensembles. it is just out of sorts, The desert is hard and harsh yet it has beautiful soft moments early in the mornings and late afternoons. The rest of the time the desert is a hard brutal place of despair an death. JMHO for what it is worth.