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Men’s Health

Creative Director: Robert Festino
Art Director: Thomas O’Quinn

Director of Photography: Jeanne Graves
Senior Photo Editor: Michelle Stark

Photographer: Jamie Chung


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  1. Beautiful photos complimented by a great layout. Home run!

    The “layering” of items work really well, and provide a sense of depth that draws the viewer in, caresses the eye, and makes one want to linger on the page. The degree of backlight wrap around is excellent. I like the mix of close-ups in the opening spread combined with the translucency, edge highlighting, and saturated colors. And the way the layout alternates between black and white background themes creates a nice contrast. Also loved the orange text boxes with reverse type which echos the photo theme — white type / black type.

    Great copy too — “No Raw Deal” “Cream Of The Crop” — so we have a trifecta — Great photos, great design, and great copy. Oh, and I liked the X flame graphic too.

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