The iPhone Isn’t Quite There Yet

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You know where iPhone photos look amazing? On iPhones. That’s where.

via Ask Me Anything About Photography – Zack Arias.

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  1. Tom Speduto

    What Michael Williamson does with an iPhone is nothing less than stunning. I’ve seen him lecture and half the room couldn’t tell the difference from his iPhone pics and his DSLR.

  2. I’m sorry but that’s just silly… I’m not saying you can’t take a good photo with an iPhone (you can take a great pic with anything) but if you can’t instantly tell the difference between an iPhone photo and that of even a low end SLR with a half way decent lens then you don’t know what you’re looking for.

    Assuming the SLR shots weren’t processed to look “low res”.

  3. Put another way: Whether Eric Clapton is playing a Gretsch, A Martin, A Gibson Les Paul, or a Fender Stratocaster, it’s still Eric Clapton playing guitar.

  4. Here’s another situation where iPhone photos can look amazing: “…when Karim Ben Khelifa decides to shoot on his iPhone when he’s in Yemen, because the situation is too dangerous for him to get his DSLR out.”

    From an interview with Visa Pour L’Image’s Jean-François Leroy (on Britsh Journal of Photography site).

  5. Love that answer. Good for Zack. He’s “got a pair” unlike some of the Spineless Wonders out there.

  6. Travis Alex

    I will be the first to say I enjoy about 90% of Zack’s politics…I think he has an amazing voice in the photo community, and not only that, it’s a loud and in charge voice that needs to be there…

    That being said…for once, I do not agree with Zack on this statement 100%.

    1. Zack has an Instagram port on his website…if it should only exist on the iPhone, why does he claim real estate for it on there? I understand he is all about just making work…but isn’t that contradictory to his argument at hand?

    2. Does anyone take into account that maybe (and I say JUST MAYBE), some people out there DON’T want to be commercial photographers? They DON’T want to be part of this photographic communities “Discussions of Instagram”, an really just use iPhoneography as a photographic medium JUST for FUN? To put it bluntly…I think they could give two shits about what we think of them and their choice of medium in art making.

    3. I agree that iPhone pictures have a long way to go, even though with the iPhone 4s, they have taken a HUGE leap forward…but from an artistic standpoint (not from a grumpy commercial photography standpoint), they do make for some seriously AMAZING prints if done PROPERLY. While people are here complaining about iPhone Photos needing to remain ONLY on the iPhone…people are legit making some good money selling their Instagrams…, CanvisPop & Instacanv are making serious cash flow and helping other make cash happen for them with iPhoneography prints.

    Grumble all we like about it, but it’s a large market to make money and sell a different kind of photo print, and it’s only getting bigger.

    So to sum this up…No, I don’t think iPhone photos ONLY look good on the iPhone and ONLY should remain there…The unpopular opinion I may be, but I’m not changing my position on it.

  7. The iphone takes great photographs and there are a number of APPS that make those photographs look even better. Many years ago I carried around a Land Camera and shooting photographs with instant results taught me much more about compostion and lighting than a roll of film that might sit in a camera for weeks on end. I have years of polaroid journals that I accumilated over the years, that contain images that I can’t reproduce. I recently started “About Last Night”, what was to be a daily photo diary that has shaped up to be photos of lovers and primarily persons living in or around skid row in downtown LA. I often photograph people that don’t necessarily want to be photographed and the iphone makes that easier to do than a large camera. I have a number of photographs that I’m proud of and 90% of my images on my tumblr are from the iphone. The Whitney Museums of the world for will not be calling me for my iphone photographs for any restrospective and for someone that wants to think as themselves as an artist it’s something to think about.