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Rolling Stone

Design Director: Joseph Hutchinson
Creative Director: Jodi Peckman
Art Department: Steven Charny (Sr. Art Dir.), Matthew Cooley (Deputy Art Dir.), Elizabeth Oh ( Assoc. Art Dir )
Photo Department: Deborah Dragon (Deputy Photo Ed.), Sacha Lecca ( Sr. Photo Ed.), Sonja Gill (Assoc. Photo Ed.)

Photographer: Peggy Sirota

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Heidi Volpe

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  1. These are really great! I long for subjects that are willing to play like Sheen does…maybe it’s an act, maybe not…but it sure is fun watching.

  2. Cigarette, empty beer bottle and a gun.

    Looks like my high school portfolio

    I even had a buddy that resembled charlie

    and look at all those directors of such and such!

  3. john mcd.

    I know he smokes a lot, but thumbs down to RS for choosing a cover image of him smoking and holding a pack of cigarettes. Come to think of it, why put him on the cover at all? He probably thinks it makes him look like Keith Richards. Ahh…no.