What Galleries Want: ClampArt in New York City

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“The more times I see something, the more confident I feel about showing it in the gallery.”

–Brian Clamp

via PDN.

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  1. so does that mean he wants to get a weekly postcard of the work and he;ll eventually show it?

    Kenneth…. all I can say is baaaaaaa ;~ D

    • It’s getting some of the ‘sheep’ to hand over the lolly for it is the main problem..

  2. I really like ClampArt and every visit I have made has been worth the trip. Brian Clamp “breaks” many emerging artists into the gallery scene so I don’t think he is following the crowd, he is leading. I respect him.

  3. I think this quote is going to be misquoted everywhere. But, I’m not sure I fully understand it.