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Creative Director: Alex Gonzales
Design Director: Anton Ioukhnovets
Art Director: Anna C. Davidson-Evans
Photography Director: Caroline Wolff
Photo Editor: Jacqeline Bates

Photographer: Emma Summerton

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Heidi Volpe

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    • Donnor Party

      You know, I agree. I like the pics, well done. This comment isn’t about this shoot, which I like, but generally, the fashion mags have become higher end versions of People. Anna W. started putting celebs on the covers in what, 98?, and now fashion and celeb culture dominates the mags. They look good, know how to pose/act, etc, but the pics aren’t reall about fashion any more, more like celeb portraits. Another outlet for publicists. I am turned off when every fashion mag has the same celebs or band in the same month, timed for the release of a movie or a CD. Oh the vulgarity.

      • Super Zimmer

        Yep, agreed. Though I would add that they may know how to pose, they don’t emote for crap in stills.

  1. Styling: Nicole looks like she has a cheap wig from Rickie’s (NYC). It doesnt mesh well with her character. Something doesnt work there between this “hideous” wig and her body type, the measured elegant gestures we know. The hair looks brittle and old. You want to make her retro, sure, just looking like a desperate housewife from our time aint gonna do it. Clive [with the wrong expression for what the movie would convey] in a white shirt styled as if he is an American made to look like someone who has watched too many wise-guy movies awkwardly attempting to carouse a woman in a a Cuban cafe; and then in a “modern suit” [black again? – man as accessory cliche] in a hotel room, conveys inconsistency of storyline and inconsistency of styling. And the watch is on the wrong wrist.

    Location: a hotel room, again? Because the stars only have a few hours? Because it is cheap to budget? Because it is easy to do? How far down have shoe-string budgets pushed us into the gutter of trite ideas. Awful to say it, but honestly.

    Direction: Nicole is wearing the same inexpressive face-mask in all the pictures. She is portraying one more woman-as-object metaphor, posed like a mannequin to effect, what exactly? Such an astonishing actress with a deep and diverse repertoire of acting tools ready to invoke almost any human emotion, posed like a cheap boutique window display, saying nothing, or worse… being the object of another “male gaze” fantasizing a submissive woman. If you are going to use actors, then get yourselves actor directors to bring out the true gifts of these individuals, and get off the idolization because it cheapens them as product . Make every picture count with a specific emotion that is authentic to true street emotions. You have an opportunity to work with the bets of our generation and you pose them like mannequins?

    These individuals are the Michael Jordans of their craft, the best of the best of the the dramatic arts. It’s as if you were to bring a porshe to a street race and take out its wheels at the start of the race. The most gifted actors of their generation grossly underutilized. Same goes for Clive’s portrayal. Again, a man used as an accessory in a fashion edit. Boring!!! Again, a mannequin-like, blank expression on one of the most gifted actors of our time. He says nothing here, and a hanger with his clothes on would have said a lot more.

    I am sorry, but four directors, creative, art, design, and photog, managed to construct another empty cliche in a hotel room. And then, the publicists are hidden but their paws are so all over the “safe” cliche of this editorial.

    Now I am nobody and have no credentials to speak of. So, just a street person’s honest opinion. But honestly, a time when the mag world is gasping for air should be a time for daring, for experimentation, for destroying the safe box of image making and completely reconstructing the fundamentals, for digging deep down and putting out something authentic and dramatic and expressive and above all real. Please.