The History Of Photography Is One Of New Technologies Challenging Old Perspectives

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“If you make an image look different enough, peculiar enough, I think that’s that hook,” he said. “I think that if you create a different aesthetic than people are used to seeing, you can attract the public — you can bring them in and then all of a sudden that is when the content is delivered.”

Ben Lowy: Virtually Unfiltered, via NYTimes Lens Blog

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  1. The notion of “phone photography” seems to combine two separate things: the capture device, and automated post-processing. An iPhone can capture a “normal” 8MP image, and you can process an image from a new Nikon d800 to look like it came from a Holga with one click. Either one on its own is nothing all that noteworthy, and both are used uncontroversially on a professional level. Fashion Mags are full of crazy, artistic post-processing techniques, and plenty of pros used 8MP cameras when that’s all there was.

    But somehow, an almost seamless combination of the two has exploded onto the scene and gotten everyone worked up. Photography has always be a democratic art form though, and this is just one more example of that.

  2. The process of creating great images all starts with the same formula, great light, great vision, and compelling compositions. What we do with that organic file is subject to each persons interpretation based on their own vision. Frankly I’m inspired by the increasing complexity of today’s photographs. The keys are the same as they’ve always been. The challenge is to learn how to create images that tell stories and when to hit the breaks, and when to push on the throttle. . .

  3. I want to be the creative control, not some app created for the iPhone. Not that I don’t respect BL for where he has been, but I am not impressed with the series on the “Lens”. The only saving aspect of his photographs is his vision to see something that others do not see even though they look mostly like a first generation Polaroid snapshot, i have to take that back not quite there in the quality. JMHO