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T Magazine

Creative Director: David Sebbah
Senior Photography Editor: Andrew Gold
Senior Art Director: Aurelie Pellissier
Photography Editor: Stephanie Waxlax Hughes
Art Director: Natalie Do
Photographer: Anton Corbijn

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Heidi Volpe

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  1. This spread immediately caught my eye when I opened my Sunday T Magazine. I think it is absolutely fabulous to see real people photographed and presented in a ‘real’ way without the extraordinary amount of post processing that goes on with the vast majority of fashion photos. My thanks and admiration to Corbijn and the creative and photography staff at the magazine. That together with the great cover shot by Cass Bird means there is hope!!! :)

    • These are fantastic.

      They are most certainly touched and processed though – they’re just done well vs the over-done/poorly done and directed images I assume you’re referring to.