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  1. Funny!!!

  2. yes, great bit of gorilla marketing. The way he got the guy to promote his photography is hilarious.

    Models, you’ve got to love them…


  3. clever. So this is what promotion has come to. creating commercials to sell photographers.

  4. Brilliant promotional idea.
    Wish I’d thought of it.

  5. made me laugh!!!

  6. Great idea and well done! I’d venture to guess that the “most downloaded man” owes much of his success to the microstock king Yuri Arcurs.

  7. I dunno. I thought the model was funny but the photographer was making the situation a bit awkward. Like he was blaming the model for stock photography. I know it’s not supposed to be taken seriously but I just think the reasoning behind it is weird. It’s not the model that’s not original, it’s the photography.

  8. Man crushes are always funny and awkward, and it’s captured perfectly here.

  9. Sounds like something that’s been produced with 8bit music software (Mario back’s?) ;)
    Good job.

  10. I had a huge smile the whole time. so funny. loved it

  11. Other than the audio track peak being set just a smidge too high, a good production. So how many more of these will we see before the end of the year? Anyone willing to make a photographers (gentlemen’s) wager? I would say at least a dozen.

  12. sorry, I thought it was pointless and made zero sense… if it’s an ad, for who? why should I care about either of these guys?

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