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Creative Director: Alexandra Kotur
Design Director: Edward Leida
Photo Director: Leslie Williams
Deputy Photo Editor: Devin J. Traineau
Associate Art Director: Effie Tsu

Photographer: Arthur Elgort

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  1. Jus this morning I was privately bemoaning the sameness of so much editorial fashion photography. I don’t look at much fashion photography (except for here) but these are a true breath of fresh air. And of course they are from the mind of Arthur Elgort.

  2. I love this blog but I think that the Daily Edit is the weakest link, I really feel like I’m looking at photo edits from the 90’s. There have been some notable exceptions but If there isn’t enough for a daily edit maybe it should go weeky…

  3. I got your 30 under 30 right here. The dude is 72 years old. So much for the elusive quality of youth, huh?

  4. The creative team at Town&Country is very smart.

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