Making One Of A Kind Images

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This project isn’t about making actual images, it’s not about creating the worlds largest camera it’s about doing what you love.


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  1. So Inspiring….The Pieces are Timeless!
    As Photographers We are Driven by A Passion to Capture Moments in Time…. This is Why I Love What I Do!
    Congratulations Gentlemen! This Film Was Beautifully Made!

  2. Hats off to Ian’s vision and the focused hard work of Ian and his team. What a wonderful response to the sterile, exacting digital world of limitless copies. In that digital world, we spend so much time beating down the process with the ugly stick in order to get results that have more lifeblood and are less antiseptic. It’s exhausting and nostalgic at the same time. Those of us who’ve spent endless hours in the darkroom coaxing the process and making things by hand can all relate to the importance of this work – not only for the elegance of the images themselves, but for the process. But Ian has taken it one step further by taking a giant step back to the time when photographs were truly one-of-a-kind objects.

    Ian’s work is inspiring.

    Go, dude, go.

  3. What I like about Ian is that he’s constantly doing what “shouldn’t” be done. Last time I saw him he was freezing action in the cold on the side of a mountain with the wet plate process.

  4. Kevin York

    When I listen to a song or see a great photo my first reaction is not ,how hard was this to create? No doubt this gentelmens work is amazing! The effort to make these images is over the top. But my question is,are we all who work in digital somehow less worthy? Is our work just easy ,soul-less and worthless? That is the message I get from this. Somehow the process makes the images more valuable not the content. So in other words if I make an image of a piece of shit with Ian’s camera it has value, if I make that same image my digital camera it is still shit? I’m just curious because I don’t undersatnd why process, trumps content? Why do we need to hear about digital vs plates? Or digial vs anything?Why do photogs have to put down anothers way of doing things to valadte there own work?
    I for one have worked for many years in a darkroom and always felt that it was dirty,toxic and not very good for me,or the enviorment. Many of us dumped chemicals down drains for years. Many oldtimers still suffer the toxic effects from darkroom chemicals.
    So I can say without a doubt the work is great but the process is dirty and toxic. Going back in time is not always as romantic as one may believe.
    For the majority of people making photographs digital has cleaned up the enviorment,some. I know someone will say I’m wrong but Aunt Jane( the consumer) is no longer having film processed.
    I’m sorry to be the one who is not on board but when you open your video telling me how I’m just another guy with a digital camera, and now your better than me, you lost my respect.

    • Kevin,

      Not speaking for the photographer but the film clearly states, in his own words, that it is HIS journey, his path to go down. Why are you making his story about you?

      To answer your question, the camera or technique is a moot point so create with whatever makes you happy, just like Ian.

      • Kevin York

        I kinda agree with you Victor. I guess I was put off by the statement,maybe hit a nerve ? It reminded me of a class I took with a very famous photographer who I totally respected and love his work ,to this day. But at the opening of his class he said “Thank God I don’t have to shoot weddings or Mitzvahs” I was like really? What’s that all about ? Why do you have to kick someone to show how great you are? So when I heard Ian mention about all the digital shooters it kind of made me think of that time?
        I’m always disappointed when someone who has something great going on must spoil it by putting someone down. Thats what you’re doing when you speak of how everybody else is doing the” same thing” . Why can’t you just speak about the great thing you’re doing and let sleeping dogs lie?
        I apologize for being negative and yes Ian work is wonderful.

  5. I can’t help but smile. Beautiful effort, spirit and images. Thanks for this when all the news we here is gloom and doom.

  6. VJP – right on! I have to admire his tenacity. I have to say what he is producing is quite unique. I’d love to have one of his mistakes just to keep for generations down the road, it would be a great example of how we grow from mistakes and if you do screw up it isn’t the end of the world.

    Who was it that shot a session with the lens cap on? Great story!