Small Paper Prioritizes Photography, Wins Awards

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The paper, a tabloid instead of a broadsheet, has created a following mostly because of its now-famous Saturday photo stories, which combine thoughtful reporting and powerful photography. They’re run ad-free and take up the entire front page plus five additional pages inside, sometimes more.

The paper has felt the financial crunch effecting the rest of the journalism industry and revenues are down. But a strong local readership and the family structure of the paper have prevented a precipitous decline. Rumbach says the paper has had no layoffs and has given the staff a raise each year.

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  1. Is this what it could be like on the other side of of the decline? I think if publishers of smaller markets employed this model they could have a larger audience of subscribers.

  2. I think the whole industry is changing, with the birth of social media in the last few years the way we communicate is changing and we are less dependent on printed media. Also with all the scandals that have been associated with newspapers especially the red tops with phone hacking.