Mary Ellen Mark – To Be OK At Something Is Easy

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  1. Its wonderful to get an insight into her process and thought platform. Thank you for the post.

    Mary Ellen also does workshops out of her studio in NYC and in Mexico. Well worth it to meet someone who lives her life in images.

  2. The photo of the two kids w/pistol on Pike St. from Streetwise is what i consider to be an Iconic American image. That movie, made with her husband is such a perfect time stamp for the Pacific Northwest region.

  3. Great educational information to glean from the video for the younger generation that is just starting out and has only shot digital. Thanks for bringing it up Rob.

  4. HellsKitchenPhotog

    A few years back I was told by an x- assistant of MEM the story of how MEM twisted a kids(3 or 4yrs) arm to make them cry for the shot.
    The assistant, rather disgusted ,never returned to the unpaid internship she had labored to obtain so she never got to see if it was a pattern.
    It was probably only the one time. But I always wondered.
    Any insight anyone>?

  5. scottRexEly

    I don’t think you can get the personal space access she has with her subjects without having an incredibly convincing personality.

  6. Mary Ellen Mark is a really great photographer who i think has not got as much
    recognition as she deserves.
    I thought Jill Greenberg was the crying child expert .

  7. Thanks, Rob. This really hit the spot. I know a former assistant of hers who has only nice things to say about her. Well, maybe not _only_ nice things, but certainly nothing like comment #5. Obviously there’s no excuse for cruelty but we all get exasperated on long shoots involving children/animals, CEOs, etc.

  8. I interned/assisted for MEM when I was first starting out. I learned heaps from her and never thought her to be anything but a very compassionate and involved person.