As an industry, we need to get our multimedia stories distributed on other channels

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Now here’s a thought to get our work into the mainstream: Why not bring back the Newsreel of yore to the modern age? If the film festivals play short docs before feature films, why don’t we show our multimedia features along with the movie trailers?

via My POYi Multimedia Judging Experience.

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  1. I would love to see some old school newsreel styled promos, they could be very energizing or total flops. But is is fun getting there.

  2. scott Rex Ely

    What is a short doc? 7 minutes, 20 minutes, an hour and 1/2? God bless people who have the integrity and passion to make these great multimedia adventures, but the problem to me lies in the notion of multi media itself. Namely, if it’s multimedia it competes with the masses’ attention span of a youtube clip and all of the subtle touches of a finely crafted production are lost . Most documentary films especially about violent subject matter, can be distilled down to the Eddie Adam’s moment and the rest is just like having a chain saw going non stop. So if they did play docs during preview times the palettes are going to have to match up with the sympathy of the feature itself or the preconditioned audience will be confused, insulted or ready to ignore the content no matter how articulate and beautiful a film might be. Seems like a loosing battle for an esoteric medium.
    Back to the internet for the lot of you all and that is like having a 15 year old single malt tasting at Costco.