shoot personal work all the time because “thats what clients gravitate toward: your vision, your voice…”

…spread yourself across all of the different [marketing] vehicles. One or two is not effective [at reaching potential clients] …it takes a long time to create a presence.

via via, PDN Online.

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  1. I totally agree. The last few months I have really lost my love for photography and doing personal projects have really helped me to remember why I became a photographer and why I love it.

  2. its personal work that gets me down the road……………

  3. I could not agree more. The photographers in our group that are the most successful are hands down the ones that share the most amount of personal work. This is true no matter what is happening with trends or the economy. So much in our business is variable. This is not. Well said Shaun.

    • Go Team Elder!
      Love your blog.
      Song for this week: The Bobby Fuller Four version of Buddy Holly’s” You know Love’s Made a fool Of You”
      Thanks for sharing.

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