when I stand in the middle of those vast plains and prairies I do not see or feel “emptiness”…  to me, the volumes of space, the wind rippling the grass, a breeze on my face, the birdsong, the flight of crows  –  this is the exact opposite of emptiness:  it is a fullness, a richness that I just want to drink in, that I want to have envelop me…  on the other hand, if you drop me into the middle of Manhattan, I just want to shut down  –  the hordes of people, the noise…  it’s just maddening to me, and something I’ve chosen to avoid as much as possible in my life…

via Colin Pantall’s blog: Bruce Haley’s Panoramic Landscapes.

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  1. I just threw up a little.

    • Anthony, you made me throw up a little.

  2. You’d probably throw up a little more if you’d have been in some of the conflict situations he has…

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