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Creative Director: Paul Martinez
Director of Photography: Andrea Volbrecht
Art Director: Paul Scirecalabrisotto
Associate Art Director: David Zamdmer
Photo Editor: Jane Seymour

Photographer: Andrew Hetherington

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Heidi: How long did the shoot take, was it like a frat party?
Andrew: The shoot happened back in December at the Maxim office right before the holidays so there was a very festive atmosphere as you could imagine. Staff, invited guests and Maxim girls took part. The shoot took most of the day, as did the build. We did three main set ups; beginning, middle and end of the process as well as some reportage of the behind the scenes goings on. There were just as many people behind the camera as in front at times.

You can see a time lapse here

How many of those cans of beer did they drink on set?
Hard to say, but probably close to 1000 on and off set. There were 365 cans in the Beeramid itself.

Was it hard to build the can pyramid, it doesn’t look like it ever fell over and got restacked, is that right?
The photo editor Jane Seymour and her crew took care of the build. Jane worked with Art Director Paul Scirecalabrisotto in advance and he designed a diagram that illustrated what cans should be in what row, and where their placement should be depending on size (there were probably about 10 different sizes the cans), how many cans would be in each row and how many rows in the pyramid. The can’s were empty and stuck together with hot glue. It was pretty solid and never fell over. The Beeramid is still up to this day, on display in their front entrance. It’s quite a piece; almost 12 feet wide, 10 feet high. Worth the pilgrimage for any beer lover.

What’s your favorite canned beer?
I gotta say I really enjoy a cold canned Negra Modelo Especial at the moment from the can or a Guinness poured into a glass.


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  1. Photography, beer and glue guns! What a great world!

  2. Welll done, Andrew

  3. The best of editorial, really…really as good as the genre can get. Great work all around.

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