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  1. Words to live by, and not just in field of photography. This applies to ANY profession and should be common sense. Unfortunately that sense doesn’t seem to become appairent till about the age of 25. At least with me anyway :)

  2. What about the person who is has just an OK eye, works kinda hard, but has an awesome set of photoshop actions?

    • ahem, it is implied, ahem, you have awesome photoshop actions to begin with

  3. I’d take the other one.

  4. @Kenneth: LOL!!

  5. Gosh, I believe I have those qualities, and, a good eye but haven’t had any luck yet :o( I’m not giving up though, I know it is many people’s dream and I’m not the first one in line.

  6. Contradictory, I good eye is the result of hard work.

  7. Contradictory, “A” good eye is the result of hard work. (weird autofill)

  8. This is a wonderful insight and a great post. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  9. Great insight ! So many people wish they could take those spots. I’d better get back to work now now :)

  10. ALWAYS, I say, ‘Be a RESPONSIBLE observer’.

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