As it happens, the television networks that actively supported SOPA and PIPA didn’t take advantage of their broadcast credibility to press their case. That’s partly because “old media” draws a line between “news” and “editorial.” Apparently, Wikipedia and Google don’t recognize the ethical boundary between the neutral reporting of information and the presentation of editorial opinion as fact.


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  1. The article is via the NYT and the byline: “Cary H. Sherman is chief executive of the Recording Industry Association of America, which represents music labels. ” So the article is a “presentation of editorial opinion”. Read it with a grain of salt.

  2. Looks like someone doesn’t like Wikipedia

  3. i wonder how much “editorial” content the old media would shove into the faces of the people when a bill would be up for discussion that would allow shut down of tv-stations or newspapers because they said or wrote something wrong – instead of the current practice to post a tiny little note somewhere deep down in the backalleys of their publications way after the damage was done.. and wikipedia is probably more democratic and neutral than any newspaper ever will be.. just sayin’..

  4. The phrase “as it happens” is almost always followed by snark.

  5. No, the “old media” does it the goold old fashioned way by lobbying in Washington behind closed doors so that the public never finds out about it until the bill is passed.

    I read the article but still didn’t find out what Wikipedia ‘won’t tell me’. Wikipedia made it very clear what they want. Maybe their activism protected their own interest. That was clear, At no point did Wikipedia compromise their editorial content (i.e. Wikipedia encyclopedic entries) to further their interests.

  6. You’d have to be one naïve individual to believe that american television networks are anything remotely resembling ‘neutral.’

  7. What a horrible piece of places disinformation. Shameful, really. Surely no one reading this was actually pro SOPA/PIPA?

  8. The NYT said, in the news section, that Iraq had WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!! We all know how that turned out 8-0

    Don’t follow leaders
    Watch the parkin’ meters

  9. Old media pretends there is a distinction between ‘neutral’ reporting and editorial, new media has realized that there isn’t one.

  10. “That’s partly because ‘old media’ draws a line between ‘news’ and ‘editorial.'”

    That almost made me do a spit take. What a crock.

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